Add spice, fun & festivity to your end of year office party!

Busy preparing an end of year party, dinner or happy hour for your co-workers? Here are some great ideas to add spice, fun and festivity to any holiday office party.

Create a Christmas selfie frame or DIY photo booth.

The perfect office party picture begins with fabulous photo props. Why not create your own Christmas selfie frame or DIY photo booth? Shoot plenty of evidence of your super fun end of year event. If you got it, flaunt it!

Organise a gift raffle.

Want to do something extra nice for your hardworking colleagues this season? Organise a gift raffle during your lunch, dinner or happy hour. Create several moments in which you hand out gifts instead of handing them out all at once to keep the event flowing.

Create your own signature cocktail.

Nothing says party like a great cocktail! Introduce your own signature cocktail and serve it during your end of year office party. In house style colours? Sure. A guaranteed icebreaker!

Organise a white elephant gift exchange.

The goal of a white elephant party is to entertain rather than to gain. It’s a great way to add fun to your office event and an ideal solution for getting rid of your own most undesirable gifts. Bring out your tack, your kitsch and your ugly this season!

Start a decorate your desk contest.

Add some friendly competition amongst co-workers to the holiday mix and organise a ‘decorate your desk’ contest. It will instantly transform your everyday workplace into a more fun, festive and creative environment.