5 Free Event Hacks That Will Boost your Event Sponsorship.


Can’t shake the feeling you should be able to ‘get more’ out of your tech event sponsorship(s)? The good news is. You can. For Free! Here are 5 easy to implement event hacks that won’t cost you a dime.

Hack 1. Don’t forget to read your sponsorship package & manual! After 12 years of working as an event manager in the tech industry I am still waiting for the day a company will actually make full use of their sponsorship package.

Hack 2. Are you planning to give a talk? Organise an activity or a raffle? Most event organisers are starving for content. Let them know what you are up to and there’s a big chance they will share it for you.

Hack 3. Ask all your event staff to wear company branded outfits. What beats having your own walking, talking, live billboards at an event?

Hack 4. Take the opportunity to create free content. Even in advance, you can use the event agenda for this. Take pictures, write a blog. Share something interesting with those who couldn’t make it to the event (hint: it’s not the number of your booth).

Hack 5. Plan you event sponsorships well in advance. Even better. Make a year plan. Planning your event budget, event resources and communications will become so much easier, economic and effective.

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