Time to turn your Event Strategy into Event ROI.

Tech Event Land looks a lot like Manhattan nowadays: crowded, busy and constantly on the move. With new events popping up faster than you can say widget spinner, everyone and everybody is on the lookout for those most desired but hard to obtain tech event sponsor and attendee: you!

If your company frequently sponsors or attends Tech Events you are likely more than familiar with the frequent phone calls and emails flooding your inbox holding invitations to attend, sponsor or exhibit at an event. With such a high frequency and abundance of events, picking the right ones becomes a challenge itself, and not all events are created equal.

Eventually, like in most busy marketplaces. Event consumers will be wise consumers and comparative tools will appear. Until that time here are some tips to spend your 2018 event budget and time in an effective way.

  1. Narrow down your event goals: exposure, lead generation, recruitment or networking. Picking just one will help you create focus and will make event selection easier.                                               
  2. Do independent research. There is not just one Cloud or Datacenter event. There are dozens. Plenty of choice so no need to stick with what you already know.                                                           
  3. Ask for statistics. Who will attend the event? How will they promote their event(sponsors), how effective are their event media channels (click trough rate etc.)?                                                             
  4. Compare prices. 4000 euros will get you a logo on an event website and shared banner in one event, whereas other events might give you their attendee list and a stand location for the same price.

A well informed and professional event organiser will be more than happy to share their event statistics and give you the right answer to all your event related questions.

May your 2018 be successful and eventful!