Yes, you should consider sponsoring virtual events, here’s why!

Sponsoring Virtual Events

While many tech event organizers are opting to go all-in on digital rather than cancelling their events due to the global coronavirus outbreak, many marketing and sales departments find themselves scrambling to catch up with their new reality. What do virtual events look like and how do you fit them into your (online)marketing strategy?

 Virtual Events, what to expect?

Although not mainstream (yet), virtual environments like virtual events are becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing mix. For marketers, virtual events can provide a rich source of marketing data as very often the activities of each participant can be tracked and evaluated. Digital events may offer a number of ways for participants to connect and communicate. Webcasts include live presentations or pre-recorded videos where presenters are available for questions and answers after each session. Virtual booths, forums and designated meeting places allow participants to connect with fellow attendees and event staff.

Should I engage with Virtual Events?

Yes! Sponsoring or exhibiting at virtual events can be seen as an extension of your online strategy and presence. As digital events are borderless by nature, they will increase your global reach and as no travel, lodging or shipping is involved they may even proof to be cost and time effective.

Do virtual events offer attractive sponsoring and exhibition packages?

 Yes, they do! Many virtual events offer sponsorship packages very similar to regular live events and sponsorship packages may include (but are not limited to):

  • A virtual booth.
  • A virtual goodie bag.
  • [link]logo’s and informative/ newsworthy texts in event newsletters.
  • [link]logo’s on event websites.
  • Speaking opportunities.
  • Receiving attendee data and information after the event.
  • A sponsor page on an event website.
  • Distribution of sponsor content via Social Media channels.
  • Guest blogs.

 Something else to consider.

 Don’t approach online events as in-person events. Virtual events can create new marketing value and thought leader opportunities with your audience all year-round. Virtual events don’t have time constraints like regular events and will very often offer on-demand convenience (archived events) to attendees and generate more leads for sponsors after the event has already taken place.

If there was ever a great time to get involved with virtual events that time would be now!

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