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Event Marketing

How to get the most out of your 2020 Event Marketing Efforts.

It’s February 2020 and everyone is getting up to steam for those fully packed event months right before summer. But how to get the most ROI out of your 2020 Event Marketing budget? Event Marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy is a great way to create added value for your organisation, and there are a few ways to maximize your 2020 Event presence and improve your Event ROI.


Identify your target audience - Before you sponsor an IT Event or Conference, do your research and find out if your target audience is attending the event. This will help you separate the potentially successful events from the potentially unsuccessful events.

Define your event goals - Especially if you’re held to a budget, (re)defining your goals(s) for any particular event can help you to focus your means and budget. Set clear expectations for the event performance. Define the number of leads you expect to generate and have a set strategy for post event follow up.

Think outside of the booth – Understanding your objectives at the event is the first step in understanding if you really need a trade show booth. If you want to connect with your current customers, hosting a networking event alongside a big event might be a great alternative.

Get a head start - Start planning your event visit’s, sponsorships and exhibitions early. By defining the ‘go to events’ well ahead of the next year you are more likely to get better prices for airline tickets and lodging. Many event organizers also offer early bird specials with regards to their tickets, exhibition and sometimes even sponsoring.


Arrange a pre-event team meeting – On the exhibition floor you have about 8 seconds to connect with attendees passing by your booth. Make sure to plan a pre-show team meeting to ensure your team is aware of key messaging, important sessions, giveaways and booth etiquette.

Increase your trade-show traffic – Creating an experience for event visitors is the best way to get your brand out there. Make your presence memorable with a great presence and incentives. Don’t just tweet, “come visit us at booth 123” but tell people why they should: free WIFI, great food, a competition or a demonstration of a high-tech gadget.


Utilize your marketing automation software – Of course if you have any, use your marketing automation software. The event may be over, but your work is far from done. Register your leads and qualify them so your team can prioritize an effective follow-up.

In the end, there are only two ways to increase Event ROI: increase revenue or decrease your spending. As Event Marketing continues to play an important role within many strategic marketing plans, understanding how to use your event budget efficiently will help increase your return on events.